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Desperation, and such. January 13, 2011

Posted by mariaerodriguezx in Real Life, Thoughts and Ideas.

I haven’t had my own Blog in ages, but here goes nothing..

Scum. It’s what lives between the cracks of a sidewalk, it’s what can get stuck on the bottom of a shoe, perhaps even to my life…

I don’t really know how to put this in a GOOD way, because in reality, there isn’t a nice/kind/good way to say it! I just don’t like it. Scum is scum. Who wants it? Needs it? NO ONE. I probably would have to say, i sound very bitter in this post.. but who wouldn’t when i have to know the people that I do?

And now that the intro has appetizer.. it is time for the main course!

Desperate people annoy me, and by desperate, I do mean – disgusting. I wish i knew what really goes on in the minds of others… and now, i will state my dilemma..

Men. not all men are scummy, or disgusting, or repulsive. I would just like to say – the ones who are desperate can truly fall under that category.. It is sad to say that now a days, I only have one guy friend. Sad enough to say, THAT IS DEPRESSING, considering how many men i know.. or have known, until i cut them completely out of my life.. I wish i knew what makes desperate people so.. desperate? Is it the lack of sex? Could it possibly be that they just want attention? Perhaps it’s that they are just unloved..

I choose; ALL OF THE ABOVE. But, that’s just my opinion, i suppose..?

I have lost friends, guy friends, because they either want sex, just want a girlfriend to have one – and have begged me for it, or possibly just need a womans 24/7 attention.. and to do so, they text you even when you don’t respond.. and then randomly get upset?.. Sorry to say, but that is sad.. and unfortunately, most of the men i have told to, well, get movin’ and go away, are the ones who claim they would give me the universe if i was their girl, yet they tell every girl the same crap.. OR that they are lacking “action” and could use some… whatever the case… just – EW.


If you really have “lack of action” in your life..

If you feel emotionally love deprived,
CRY A RIVER, or maybe call up your mother.

If you just want a girlfriend, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE LONELY,
may god save your soul because NO WOMAN wants a guys answer to a:
“So, what made you choose me our of all of the girls in the world you could have chosen?” question, to get a response like: “Geez, golly, idk, i was just lonely baby :)”

sadly enough, i have gotten responses like those..


Step up your game, and maybe next time, let the right girl find you, or guy. whatever floats your canoe… All i gotta say is, stop hitting on me and the poor other women who are too nice to tell you to GET LOST.. and maybe.. JUST MAYBE, you will grow a pair, and buzz off, grow some manners, and find a lovely lady who will do you some good!


..and now that’s over with..

I would like to state that I know there ARE good men out there, out of the 95% of horrid ones, I know that atleast ONE of the 5% will one day change the others.. HOPEFULLY, haha..

And.. well.. Being up at almost 6AM isn’t a very bright thing to be doing,
However, venting needed to be done!


Good day.




1. Xelloss - January 13, 2011

Excellent first post!

Sadly you are all to right about guys these days. I’m not exactly sure what turns them into what they are. I believe that because they always think of getting their numbers high instead of actually finding the right one, sex becomes just a meaningless time filler. They seek to fill a void that they can’t because instead of looking for love they fill that void with sex. Naturally nothing will ever come of that so no matter how many people they sleep with they still feel empty.

In the end it is all just a vicious cycle, and they lose themselves in it, forgetting who they are and forfeiting what they would have become had they have chosen another path. Their thoughts are filled with the meaningless pleasure that casual sex offers, while leaving them empty and alone by the end of the day. These people that lie for a meaningless sexual relationship are just shells, husks of humanity, that have long since forgotten that these are other people that they are using to give meaning to their broken lives.

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