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Tube Tracks: Prototype Edition February 4, 2011

Posted by vubetube in Video Game.

Prototyping action:

Vube’s list of his top 10 songs/music from MMO games. As a general hint, I’m going to stick with 1 song per online franchise. If I can’t locate the song on youtube, then I’ll go to the next one for it. It currently isn’t in any specific order.

More often then not I listen to these songs from their song folders after they are installed unless they’re hidden in other files.

Number 10:
“Large Scale 1 Battle” from Atlantica Online (as a side note, the Troy Battle song seems to be either the same or very similar to this one.) I like the tempo from this one, overall it’s an enjoyable short beat but it can get to you if you hear it one too many times.


Number 9:
“Puppet Museum” from Dungeon Fighter Online.

It’s seemingly a niche blend of different genres of music without overloading the listener with too many sounds.


Number 8:
“Last Decisive Battle” from Dynasty Warriors Online (It’s generally a rule of thumb I tend to enjoy 90% of Dynasty Warriors Music). I kind of like how this song just sounds oddly enough, originally I wanted to put the song “Violently” from the same game but couldn’t find it but this one has grown on me.


Number 7:
“Kelethin” from Everquest 2

It’s different from the other ones for the most part but works rather well.


Number 6:
“Dungeon Theme 2” from Fiesta Online

Another one of those “I enjoyed it”


Number 5:
“Airship” from Final Fantasy XI (A game I haven’t played but a friend did. And this one had a tale to go with it.)

A somewhat relaxing feeling at the beginning , the use of woodwind instruments help with the feeling of being involved with air somehow then it slowly ramps up akin to most journeys involving such travel where it starts off at a slower pace then builds up momentum then slowly dies down from that.


Number 4:
“The Golden Wood” from Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

This one mainly got into the list for it’s name. But it does fit in with the rest of Lord of the Rings Online music, and almost invokes an “epic” feeling to it but involving wood, that may or may not be gold.


Number 3:
“Moatoob” from Phantasy Star Universe (I’m not sure if this counts as it’s both a Single player experience and multiplayer experience.)

It’s got one of those build-up styles, again I like how it sounds in general. I didn’t like the place that much in the game (granted the other places weren’t any better per say).


Number 2:
“Ichigaya Field” from Shin Megami Tensei Imagine.

A somewhat faster pace beat to it, it let’s you know you’re in a field whose name I can’t pronounce at all and there’s probably a demon or two there because it involves Shin Megami Tensei.


Number 1:
“BGM #036” from WonderKing
This song is just funk-a-lubricious, alright bad references/jokes aside. It’s the funkiest tune on the list and that’s why it’s here.


Honorable Mentions:

“Nesi Plains” From 2029 Online. It’s probably the only song I really enjoyed from the ones you can download from their site.


“Wedding BGM” from Fiesta (breaking the thing above), This song takes the traditional/Classic “Wedding March” by Felix Mendelssohn but then, roughly 30 seconds into it adds a beat that almost “ghetto-fies” the entire experience. It might be the easiest way to ruin a perfectly good ceremony, as you know BGM (Background Music) could easily find it’s way onto a Wedding Mix.


“Arena” From Front Mission Online. It’s got a strange charm to it, almost seemingly out of place for “Arena-type” music but it got a catchy beat, or at least for me.


“Over the Shiverpeaks” from Guild Wars. It’s got a charming tune to it, again at least for me.


Well that’s it for now, it’s still in a prototype stage. Few things were added to an old Forum post, I may finally get around to putting that list into order or something.

Comment your list of 10 or so songs from an MMO/MMORPG.



1. Xelloss - February 22, 2011

Here are my top 5 from MMORPGs (Least the ones I can remember)

Freeport Docks (Everquest)
Strangely this has become one of my favorites because it reminds me of all the times I had to wait for a boat before the expansion “Plains of Power”. So many drunken dock memories.

Airship (Final Fantasy XI)
Like Vube I also enjoy this music although I only heard it in game once or twice. It just has that “Get up and go” feeling to it.

Voyager – Boat Theme (Final Fantasy XI)
I always found this music to be relaxing when I am traveling by boat. Although when people were fishing and pulled up level 50 monsters onto the deck it kind of “ruined the mood”.

Tom Bombadil’s House (Lord of The Rings Online)
In the middle of a dangerous forest Tom Bombadil’s house sat, standing out like a sore thumb. Being in here listening to the music made me forget how screwed I was when I tried to leave the forest.

Kelethin (Everquest 2)
Just as good as it was in Everquest.

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