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Dead Space 3 February 14, 2013

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And now we come to the point when we can more or less say another trilogy comes to an end, while I have little in terms of experiencing the trilogy as a whole I did get to play through Dead Space 3 and it wasn’t bad though somethings stood out.

This game certainly feels like a conclusion to a trilogy and does a pretty good job of closing a story I didn’t really even begin so it may vary in terms of effectiveness to people more vested in the story and characters. It continues the story of Issac Clarke but he is no longer this Engineer willing facing off against the threat caused by the markers (not the kind you buy at the store although that would be an awesome mode considering all the possibilities.) But Issac doesn’t go it alone (especially if you got a second player to join you in this nonsensical adventure), he’s usually accompanied by a fellow by the name of John Carver (player 2) and this story in the long run is basically a story of their redemption for their pasts.

They’re both interesting characters to a point, and the co-op missions for Carver certainly are quite interesting especially if you can get two screens close enough to one another to see the differences to see the insane nonsense Carver will see at certain points as to point out his desire to redeem himself from his past which is slowly revealed.

So let’s begin the character roll call ignoring the ladies because they annoyed me through the experience in the vein of “I’m a Woman, I HAVE EMOTIONS!”


I solve my problems through Dismemberment, it worked in the past.

Issac Clarke the returning hero (of sorts) of the Dead Space video game series, will this be his final run? If the ending is any indication he’ll be back for another outing and it’ll probably be more of an action game than this installment but as previously stated this is a story of his redemption presumably from the events of the second game that caused him to be less ambitious than the previous titles basically he’s a shell of a character he used to be and through the events of this game he’ll seemingly be exhausted from all that is needed of him but he no longer hold back on what needs to be done even if it means going through nonsensical Zero-Gravity sections on a planet.

"Who's mad insane now?!"

“Who’s mad insane now?!”

John Carver the other “protagonist” granted you are playing cooperatively through the campaign (the way the game should be played if you want the full experience.)  A soldier or former soldier on how you look at things who suffers from a tragic past that you could say he brought upon himself and seeks to redeem himself and his past actions. While not initially a likable character he grew onto me plus he’s got a cool looking RIG.


Symbolism or Insanity, take your pick but I still thought it was a nice was to depict his struggle with his past.


Jacob Danik (on the left) and Werner Boote (on the right) or am I lying and they’re on the other side?

This is by accident but the other main villain in through the experience that is Dead Space 3 reminded me of the host from a documentary on Plastic. I believe that documentary is called “Plastic Planet” the host is Werner Boote (pictured on the right side), while like the other Dead Space games I only saw part of it (thusly I only saw a small part of the documentary) and seemed to have this love/hate relationship with plastic in general. The other main villain through the experience of Dead Space 3 is Jacob Danik, leader of a group of “Unitologists” and seems to have a love/hate relationship although for different things, the love of necromorphs (and the idea that they are the means of evolution) and hate (of Issac Clarke and anyone who stands between him and necromorphs.)Though out the game he’s sort of this very bland villain who basically twirls the mustache, never changes his clothes and has his plans foiled by the heroes (like a Saturday morning cartoon villain but less memorable if not for his likeness to Werner Boote which in turn lead to many jokes about his love/hate of plastic and necromorphs.)

if you break down the words to their roots it basically becomes "dead-form" thusly space zombies.

if you break down the words to their roots it basically becomes “dead-form” thusly space zombies.

 The infamous Necromorphs are back again in dead space although this time they can also be found on a planet and their tactics may slightly vary but most of the time it involves trying to kill your character. Unlike previous Dead Space titles, “Tactical Dismemberment” is less of a focal point of taking them down, making it feel more action oriented then a puzzle on how to take down the different flavors of Necromorphs but in the end it’s why we keep coming back in trying to figure out the five W’s (Who, What, Where, Why and How. In this case it’d be Who is responsible for starting the necromorphs? What are the Necromorphs after? Where do the Necromorphs originate from? Why do they scare me less than a whole other list of video game villains? How’d I not make a Parasite Eve reference up to this point with all these fleshy re-purposing transformations?)

This Dead Space may not wear the Survivor Horror badge like the other games in the series but rather an action-survival sort while some may see this a sort of selling out of sorts but I see it as a natural progress for the story that they wanted to tell as it’d be pretty hard to work out such a story (although you can check out that out with the classic mode.) There is weapon customization (as previously stated, I lack experience with the other games to stay anything about this than…) exists and it works out pretty well during the beginning then towards end-game you’ll more or less have what you want and if you just want to ignore most of the enemies just make something with a shotgun (I was told this was the first time in the series that it was available and I could understand why, it’s basically the “I win” weapon.) You can upgrade both your weapons and RIG (the suit of armor worn by the characters) which is pretty nice although by end-game you’ll have plenty of resources and very little to spend it on. It’s a solid title with a good amount of polish that’s best played with a friend (for the campaign which is scary considering how often campaigns tend to ignore the second player but it feels like you’d be missing out on a lot without the second player this time around.) There’s plenty of replay choices in the form of different modes after you finish the campaign and plenty to seek out for those completionists out there who are seeking achievements trophies so overall it’s a pretty good game that  sits well with me though I probably should at some point play the other games to see if it does actually end this trilogy well or not.


The only bug I’ve only really seen with my save is that my character fell through the ground on an elevator causing one death but other than that I can’t really complain like I did with Dead Island. If they do come out with a Dead Space 4, I’d expect them to release a nonsensical option to have dual wielding weapons if you use compact frames (which let you make one-handed weapons that reload faster and seemingly weaker initially then the heavy frames for two handed weapons.) and just in case you wanted me to tie in some nonsensical music, here you go:



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